MESTAEK aluminum foil lunch box leader

2021-01-28 08:49:26

Group interview: how about the material of meisida aluminum foil lunch box?

We interviewed Cai Kai, who is in charge of the operation of Meishida, and explained: "the aluminum foil lunch box fully conforms to the national hygienic standards for food containers, which ensures that the aluminum foil lunch box is non-toxic and healthy. Moreover, the biggest advantage of aluminum foil lunch box is recyclable, which can achieve the purpose of reducing pollution and saving energy. According to the research, the recovery rate of aluminum is very high, recycling up to 25 times, and the service life is up to two or three hundred years. In addition, it only takes two or three years for the aluminum foil lunch box to be weathered without causing damage to the soil. At the same time, the company has the same development philosophy: health, safety and environmental protection. "

Group interview: how to grasp the opportunity of this brand era?

"One belt, one road" is exactly the same as the development of the US, and the US has been able to catch up with the development of the fast track train to open the international market. More than half of the business sources and the international market have also proved that our development strategy has made substantial progress, Cai Kai said. The Greater China market is also relatively stable growth, thanks to the positive promotion of the national environmental protection policy, the environmental requirements, and the formulation of policies. We personally feel the changes in recent years. We need to seize this opportunity and the international environment, attach importance to the formulation of the brand strategy of Maestro, and promote the development opportunities of the new generation. "

Group interview: how big is the layout of meisida?

Cai Kai, the person in charge of meisida's operation: "don't underestimate meisida. At present, meisida is a little smaller than its peers in terms of team members, assets and scale. However, this does not mean that meisida will become a benchmark in the industry and a leader in the aluminum foil lunch box industry 10 years later."

I believe that the slogan of meisida enterprise is "meisida aluminum foil, only do the cause of health." Unremitting efforts, adhere to the moral development, for our health escort, become a national brand, to the world!