Aviation application of aluminum foil lunch box_ MESTAEK

2021-01-28 08:47:08

At present, aluminum foil lunch boxes are mainly used in Airlines, hotels, etc., but they are more and more used in fast food restaurants and daily life. Although plastic lunch boxes are more widely used at present, the pollution and harmful substances produced during heating are its fatal disadvantages. It is not long for aluminum foil lunch boxes to replace plastic lunch boxes with various advantages. Foshan Meishida environmental protection packaging Co., Ltd. has high quality aluminum foil aviation lunch box.


Aviation lunch box is a kind of disposable lunch box used to provide fast food for customers, most of which are aluminum foil lunch boxes. Aviation lunch box is a relatively high-grade disposable tableware. Because the airline itself is a high-end service industry, so there should be a product in the appearance, use comfort, harmless, environmental protection, all meet the standard matching, aluminum foil aviation lunch box is the best choice.