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   Mestaek Packaging Co., Ltd located in Foshan China, which is the core zone of the pearl River Delta Economic Zone and the core zone of national High-tech Industrial Development zone.
Mestaek is a professional manufacturer of aluminum foil containers: aluminum foil lunch box, aluminium foil Bowl, aluminium foil packing and storage box. Barbecue plate, high edge aluminum foil container, full rolled edge aluminum foil lunch box, disposable aluminum foil plate, egg tart box and other series products. Mestaek can provide customized service to meet the needs of high-end customers!
With rich industry experience and lots of advanced equipments and moulds, Masteak is able to make the aluminium foil containers in different shapes and sizes. We also have a strong R&D team, so we can design and make excellent aluminium foil containers to meet customer’s special demand. With this perfect team and outstanding manufacturing capabilities, Mestaek can customized your packaging to promote your brand.. Every month, we provide more than 800 tons of high quality products to the market!
At the beginning of its establishment, Mestaek established a scientific management system, and took the lead in passing ISO9001, BRC, HACCP and other international quality management system certification, international food safety management system certification, which made domestic and foreign trade unimpeded. Better product quality and sincere service make us continuously get the recognition of customers. We have successively gained super catering customers of famous chain stores at home and abroad, such as Metro AG, Jusco, KFC, Pizza hut, Carrefour, RT mart, etc.

17 year Industry experience
28 AUTO Production line
40 more Production patent
800 Tons / month capacity


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Social responsibility

  • environment protection

    With the gradual implementation of the "plastic restriction order" and the improvement of people's environmental awareness and health needs, it has become a global trend to minimize the use of plastic products. In recent years, the demand of aluminum foil lunch box industry in the catering industry is growing rapidly.

  • healthy

    One of the properties of aluminum is that it is superior to plastic and has better heat resistance. Even if it is used to hold hot pot, boiled fish, spicy hot pot, barbecue and other ultra-high temperature dishes, there is no need to worry about the impact on the user's health. Coupled with the impeccable sealing performance, it is safe to send out.

  • loop

    The gold coated aluminum foil lunch box, upgraded in quality, is more heavy and durable, with a high-end appearance and a sense of beauty, adding color to the dishes. Aluminum foil lunch box, whether in the process of production or after use, is easy to recycle.