Mestaek aluminum foil lunch box has tight sealing and good thermal insulation performance;
It improves the safety of delivery and keep he taste of food delivered to consumer;
The sealing machine is easy to operate,which can quickly solve all concerns of traditional delivery lunch box and save after-sales cost;
The aluminum foil cover is sealed by sealing machine, ensure the lunch box is sealed property.
Remove the cover and enjoy the food which still warm as begin.
The disposable aluminium foil baking tray for barbecue which is specially designed by Mestaek.
Oil proof, heat accumulation, and can be customized for a specific type of oven;
Provide customized service for global supermarket chains and multinational companies.
Provide customized service to top oven brands i.e. TRAEGER, LOUISIANA, BLACKSTONE, PITBOSS.
Well prepared food, perfect packaging, no need to worry about the squeezing deformation during carrying.
The strong and attractive foil lunch box makes the picnic feel better .
Open the lid and ready to be served, enjoy the happiness time.
There are many beautiful jade in this place;
The aluminium foil is thermostable material and it can be cooked directly which is convenient.
Stewing, baking, BBQ...makes every meal as sumptuous feast and cooking full of fun.
The aluminium foil is thermostable material and it is more healthy and convenienct in daily cooking.
The application of aluminum foil in baking has a long history,
The aluminium foil boxes cooperative with oven to create more tasty food.